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Occult Theocracy

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Occult Theocracy

Published 1933

A 700 page expose of "secret societies" and "conspiracies"

Publisher Abbeville (France) Imprimerie F. Paillart
Year 1933
Language English
Book contributor dudeman5685
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: whopteedo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 1, 2013
Subject: Lady Jane exposes those behind the curtain

1. The interesting book writen by LADY QUEENBOROUGH actually has sources listed on just about every page. They are listed in the actual text, rather than in the footnotes.

2. Protocols of Zion are irrelevant. One does not need them. Events are easy to prove without them, and the whole world can tell that their own population of bankers has cornered their monetary supply, stolen the national wealth, wrecked their economy, and contracted and reduced the money supply. This has been done to make money scarce, increase the price of goods, and prevent people from being to increase their funds, even for meager living. This is going on in most nations these days. So the only question is who is the group that is doing this.

3. Anyone wanting to see what the fuss is about should download it. It is a book of facts, and those facts disturb people who don't want you to think about these topics. The question is: Do certain groups benefit, if they can prevent you from being exposed to facts that demonstrate what they have done to the West, in terms of the taking away of Christian values, and the replacement of those values with anti-Christian values ? Further, whom does it profit if millions cannot read, if the public schools do not teach history, and if people forget their heritage ?
People have a hard time when they realize this. Wait until they see the facts to establish whether this was done on purpose or not.

4. In spite of Hysteria [ Quick ...panic !!] Here is the ACTUAL list of the Table of Contents:

I. — The Religion of the Secret 21

II. — The Meaning of Occultism 24
III. — Brahminism 44
IV. — Mazdeism (Zoroastrianism), Jainism 65
V. — Confucianism and Taoism 71
VI. — Egyptian Esoterism 73
VII. — Judaism, The Pharisees 75
VIII. — Orpheism and the Pagan Mysteries 90
IX. — The Druids 100
X. — Christianity 105

XI. — Manicheism 108
XII. — Witchcraft 112
XIII. — The Gnostics (The Heretics) 118
XIV. — Lamaism 123
XV. — The Yezidees 131
XVI. — Orthodox Islam 133
XVII. — Unorthodox Islam, The Ishmaelites, The
Lodge of Cairo 134
XVIII. — The Druses 138
XIX. — The Assassins 140

XX. — The Knights Templar 143
XXI. — Knights of Malta 146

XXII. — The Rosicrucians 147
XXIII. — Cathares, Albigenses, Waldenses
The Moravians or The Order of Religious
Freemasons, etc 165
XXV. — The Anabaptists 171
XXVI. — Grand Lodge of England 174

XXVII. — The Gospel of Revolution 183
XXVIII. — The Preparation 188

XXIX. — General Pepe and " The One Big Union ". 200

XXX. — Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini.... 207

XXXI. — Practical Politics 241
XXXII. — Adriano Lemmi 253

XXXIII. — The Interlocking Directorate 29

XXXIV. — 1520 The Illuminati of Spain 307
XXXV. — 1541 The Order of the J e s u i t s 308,


The reviewer ( zither) seems a bit too jewdeo-centric. FACTS are not an evidence of flaming Anti- Semitism. After you stop scaring them, they can see the con, they see that the accusation was just a trick for censorship, to prevent each person from exercising their own free will. Nice trick ... we'll have to remember that one.

5. Anyone who thinks that Freemasonry does not worship Lucifer has not studied it for 10 minutes. Albert Pike says in Morals and Dogma that Lucifer IS an Angel of Light. The whole point of Freemasonry is to switch your allegiance from Jesus Christ over to Lucifer and to do this in a gradual manner, so you will not wake up to this, nor resist it. Pike's illustrations are actually lifted and plagiarized from the Satanic occulti works of Eliphas Levi. So I am not sure how much more clear it can be, if people learn a few facts. Yes, when you start Freemasonry, you don't know what is going on.

By the time you get to the higher grades, {after the brainwashing of repeating the occult rituals over and over and over } 2 facts stand out:
1) Freemasonry promotes the Talmud and the Zohar, which are works that are very anti-Old Testament, and Anti- Yeshua and Anti- God (they pretent to interpret the Old Testament, but one must invoke demonic spirits for the interpretation of the Old Testament...come on people ), and 2) Freemasonry promotes GOATU (the Grand Architect of the Universe), and when you get into the higher grades, you find out WHO that is according to Freemasons and Albert Pike: It is LUCIFER. That is true, about Pike, because Albert Pike teaches this. The question of where he gets this is interesting, and the Zohar and the Talmud were not part of English Freemasonry until Albert Pike imported them in.

6. Being hysterical rarely adds light to the discussion. Get the book for yourself, read the facts, follow the sources, just like you would if the book were the Two Babylons (which is heavy on documentation about the occult system of Babylon also).

7. I am not sure how the book is anti-Catholic. There is a big distinction between being anti-Catholic and Anti-Vatican in anycase. Either way though, that just seems like another red flag to make sure that Catholics don't read it. Nice try. If Catholics would read it and study the history of their own faith, one can only wonder if they would see the difference between the Good book and the imported teachings from Babylon to the Vatican. But the book itself hardly concentrates on Catholics. What it does concentrate on is the ties that bind these different occult systems together and raises the question of who and which groups are coordinating this. A good book to have for those seeking answers, regardless of what each individual concludes about the book. If books are questioned, what is needed instead of accusations, are answers, proof and documentation. Here it is.

for fun: !!
Reviewer: cdarryl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 26, 2012
Subject: Truth that should be Shouted from the Roof Tops!
Miller's book is Filled with Facts, Logic & Reliable Sources.

She continually quotes Sources which any Truthful person can readily search out for themselves. If that is "shouting" so be it.

Miller is a very intelligent writer & it is no wonder why the wicked & deceivers don't want these truths exposed.

She assumer as fact the the "Teaching of Jesus Christ" as a "wonderful thing" and ALL religions have been influenced by the devil, or those that have their own agenda, to gain power & influence.

It is a well known fact & easily proven today that the Masons worship satan. Search Albert Pike "Doctrine & Dogmas". He plainly states lucifer, satan is "God." There are thousands of low level Masons, good people, who do not know these facts.

It would behoove you to read her sources. Why would you read a book about the Bible when you can go to the Source & read it for your self? Why would you go to a "source" decades later than ones that are quoted?

I think All rational truth seekers go to the source & can see for themselves if the truth proclaimed is the reality we see today.

A well written, intelligent book that causes one to think, "Why isn't this taught in colleges, universities & in churches today?"

I give it a FIVE, because it is so well documented & it is an intelligent read.
Reviewer: Zither - favoritefavorite - May 1, 2011
Subject: Preaching to the Bigoted Roman-Catholic Choir
Miller's book is filled statements and assumptions, and lots of exclamation points to show things are important or exciting. What it distinctly lacks are facts, logic, or reliable sources.

Like many faddists of all kinds (I'm looking at Atlantists especially), Miller confuses what she must prove with what she has proved, leading to futile circular reasoning when we can call it reasoning at all. Like most conspiracy theorists, though, she is not here to reason us into agreeing with her. She is here to shout and inundate us with "facts" to reconfirm our supposed shared extant prejudices.

She assumes *The Protocols of the Elders of Zion* is a book we know or know about, and that we trust it is an accurate depiction of the International Zionist Conspiracy that was written up to expose all and then allowed to fall into outsiders' hands. Right there I had trouble buying into its authenticity when I first heard of it, let alone when I tried to read the nonsense. She assumes we know as a fact that the Christian religion as centered on Roman Catholic belief is a wonderful thing and that we will have no resistance to her claims that all other religions are, at their core, pure, knowing, unabashed Devil-worship, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, and Protestantism as their heir.

She feels no obligation to prove any statement she makes, or to prove any credence in her authorities. If it was ever written or published anywhere, if it says what she wants said, it is completely true *in the manner she interprets it,* and she charges on, freshly fueled.

Thus, a single short sentence, pulled out of context, by a Jewish writer allows her to claim that Judaism never did and still does not exist as a religion, but only as a secret society with a plan for world dominance.

To her flaming anti-Semitism she adds absolute anti-Masonism--that is, the Masonic Lodges are all occult practitioners, bringing in dupes at the lower levels and raising the worthwhile to Luciferian inner circles. I have extreme difficulty picturing my rather uncomplex grandfather and grandmother as any such things, especially their practicing occultism. If I had ever gotten the slightest clue elsewise, as a nearly life-long investigator of the occult I would have followed them into Masonry. I have not personally investigated the whole anti-Masonic business, but in places where I do have knowledge this book is frequently so far off that I find it difficult to credit equally unsupported claims on this topic.

All in all, she seems like a perfect houseguest for Lord Haw-haw: very much the British Nazi sympathiser in embryo. If you already believe as she does, you will find this loaded with "ammunition" to confirm your belief in the Illuminati take-over of the world. If you do not already agree with her, don't be stampeded by her headlong pace and constant claims without verification. Just because it's been published doesn't mean it can't be an utter and malicious lie (this is before Hitler voiced the concept of the Big Lie, but not before they existed). You owe it to yourself to read books on ancient religion and modern history written after her sources, which are often written out of the deep mire of Victorian ignorance, prejudice, and racism.

It's not completely incoherent (unlike some self-published efforts here in the Archives), and it gives some insights and leads to other books, so I'm giving it two stars.
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